Up, Up, And Away!!

Who’s Your Superhero?

Who is your favorite superhero?  I had a lot of fun playing Batman.  When I was about 5 years old, I would race around the coffee table to the Batman theme song before each episode.  I still remember pestering my mother for a cape.  Could Superman leap tall buildings with a single bound if he didn’t have a cape?  I’ve grown up and haven’t asked for a cape in more years than I can count…and I don’t run around the coffee table anymore either.  However, I think I need a superhero now more than ever.  I don’t care so much about the ability to leap over tall buildings but someone who could part the congested highways at rush hour would really get my attention!  Then there is the stress of real problems like cancer and terrorism.  I think we all need rescuing sometimes.  This week we are reading Acts 1:1-11 where Jesus ascends into heaven.  He doesn’t have a cape and there were no skyscrapers but it is still a feat worthy of a superhero.  It also turns out that Jesus is much better equipped to help us through life than Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman combined!  Be sure to worship this weekend where we’ll take a closer look at Jesus’ ascension into heaven and how he might be uniquely qualified to be our superhero when life gets real.  Be sure to invite someone to come with you…they’ll be glad you did!

As our times of worship draw near, please consider the following opportunities as invitations from God to you to be more involved in God’s work through Sunrise Church:

  1. Please join me in prayer for our new pastor: John Michael McAllister!  Pastor John Michael will begin serving Sunrise on June 27 and his first weekend leading worship will be July 1 & 2.  John Michael is a great guy and a gifted pastor.  Sunrise will be very blessed by his leadership!  Stay tuned for more information including a special welcome celebration in his honor.  Please pray also for Joshua and me as we are preparing to serve Asbury UMC in north Raleigh.  My last weekend leading worship will be June 10 and 11.  Please pray also for Jean Wall (Aunt to Sally Puckett and Great Aunt to Tara Sauls) who is under hospice care and not doing well.  Also remember Sunriser Janice Mustian who is a resident at Carillon in Fuquay Varina.
  2. Get Geared Up for VBS! Help support us with donations.  VBS requires a variety of supplies – those are listed on gears on the table in the lobby.  Please consider taking one or two and purchasing the items for use at this year’s VBS.  All items need to be back to Pastor Jen (left on her desk or in the office) as soon as possible, or by May 30th.  Monetary donations to help with the dinners, daily gifts, and decorations are also appreciated!  For more information, please contact Pastor Jen at jswindell@mysunrise.org.
  3. Congrats Grads! If you have a child who is graduating this year, please let Pastor Jen (jswindell@mysunrise.org) know so they can be listed in the bulletin on June 4th.  (Name, School, Degree if applicable).
  4. Volunteers needed Friday June 2: With Love from Jesus is an outreach ministry that distributes food and other items to qualified recipients in Southern Wake County.  We offer a team each first Friday of the month that serves for about 4 hours.  For more information, or to volunteer, contact Bob Holm at (holm104@att.net).
  5. Traffic delays are expected Sunday morning June 4th for the annual 1/2 Ironman event. The bicycle route takes bikers right by Sunrise Church mostly between 9 AM and 12:30 PM.  The route has stayed the same this year with bikers travelling on Sunset Lake Road from Bass Lake Road to Optimist Farm Road (to see the route please visit: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/events/americas/ironman-70.3/raleigh/race-info/course.aspx#axzz4giobPOHM).  Please leave early to make it to church on time.  If you have been thinking about trying the Saturday service, this will be a great week to do that as there will be no traffic delays on Saturday.  ReFuel service begins at 5:05 PM.
  6. Vacation Bible School will be here June 19-22nd– 5:30-8:00pm (including dinner!) – Get more information, watch a preview video, and register online at mysunrise.org/VBS.
  7. Save your recycling to help VBS! VBS needs some interesting items this year– we need a variety of cardboard boxes and empty, clean tin cans – big or small! We’re also looking for some other supplies – help us get “Geared Up” for VBS by picking up a supply gear from the VBS Table in the lobby and returning the supplies to Pastor Jen’s office ASAP.
  8. Men’s Chorus for Father’s Day, June 18th. Rehearsals will be Wednesday, June 14, at 7pm and Saturday, June 17, at 10am.  ALL men of the church are invited to sing!  See Chris Johnson (cjohnson@mysunrise.org) for details.
  9. Pray for Annual Conference: The NC Annual Conference will convene with clergy and lay delegates from all across the NC Annual Conference in Greenville, NC on June 16-18.  Our pastors (Jen and Tom) will be joined by our lay delegates, Ernie Pearson and James Bingham.  While Sunrise Church is a mission outpost, the NC Annual Conference is the official voice of the United Methodist Church in NC.  Social issues will be discussed and a budget will be adopted that will empower mission and ministry for the ensuing year (2018).
  10. Fireproof to lead worship: Support our young people as they lead the music on Sunday June 11 and supply the message at all worship services on June 17 & 18.  Over the 2 weekends Fireproof will offer to Sunrise the exciting worship and meaningful message they will be delivering while on tour June 12 -16.

With whom will you share this message?  Evangelism can be as simple as a forwarded email and an invitation to worship together this weekend!

Peace & Partnership,

Tom Newman, pastor