Mission Possible!

The tune to Mission Impossible…I’ve heard it all week!  Can you hear it (you can thank me later)?  Whether we watched decades ago or just saw the most recent movie, we know the theme.  A team faces impossible odds and goes to heroic feats to beat those odds.  We hang on the edge of our seats where at the last minute we see the impossible become possible.  In many ways, this is also the history of the Church.  This week we are celebrating the birth of God’s Church with all her many names and faces.  It began in earnest with the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost just after Jesus ascended into heaven (see Acts 2:1-21).  The defeated became more than conquerors and impossible odds melted before the power of God’s Holy Spirit.  If you feel like you’re facing the impossible there is good news for you!  God isn’t done yet.  There are chapters yet to be written for God’s movement and for you too.  The best is yet to be and with God’s help we are moving towards our best and brightest days.  How might an infusion of God’s Holy Spirit in your life help you overcome impossible odds?  What impossible mission might you face that can become possible with God’s help?  Be sure to worship this weekend and we’ll find out together as we tap into the power of God’s Holy Spirit!  Be sure to invite friends and neighbors, co-workers and family too…they’ll be glad you did!

As our times of worship draw near, please consider the following opportunities as invitations from God to you to be more involved in God’s work through Sunrise Church:

  1. Traffic delays are expected Sunday morning June 4th for the annual 1/2 Ironman event. The bicycle route takes bikers right by Sunrise Church mostly between 9 AM and 12:30 PM.  The route has stayed the same this year with bikers travelling on Sunset Lake Road from Bass Lake Road to Optimist Farm Road (to see the route please visit: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/events/americas/ironman-70.3/raleigh/race-info/course.aspx#axzz4giobPOHM).  Please leave early to make it to church on time.  If you have been thinking about trying the Saturday service, this will be a great week to do that as there will be no traffic delays on Saturday.  ReFuel service begins at 5:05 PM.
  2. Please join me in prayer for Sunriser Nancy Holm who was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm and underwent emergency surgery Thursday morning (6/1). Her aorta ruptured during the surgery and after a very long surgery with “touch and go” moments, Nancy came through the surgery and is in critical but stable condition.  Doctors are guarded but give hope for possible, full recovery.  Let’s pray for that full recovery!  Please also pray for Sunriser Nancy Unwin who is undergoing heart surgery this morning (6/2).  Nancy expects to spend at least 1 night in the hospital at the Wake Med Raleigh campus (also where Nancy Holm is).  Also pray for Jean Wall who is under hospice care and for our new pastor, Rev. John Michael McAllister who officially begins serving Sunrise Church on Tuesday June 27.
  3. Vacation Bible School will be here June 19-22nd– 5:30-8:00pm (including dinner!) – Get more information, watch a preview video, and register online at mysunrise.org/VBS. If you took a “gear” and are helping provide supplies for VBS, we need those ASAP…just leave them with Pastor Jen.
  4. Men’s Chorus for Father’s Day, June 18th. Rehearsals will be Wednesday, June 14, at 7pm and Saturday, June 17, at 10am.  ALL men of the church are invited to sing!  See Chris Johnson (cjohnson@mysunrise.org) for details.
  5. Calling all Men and boys! Join us for Men’s Breakfast on Saturday June 10th at 8:30 AM.  Expect a hearty breakfast (eggs, grits, bacon, grits, fruit, grits, sausage, grits, grits…oh wait…that’s just me hungry for grits!), fellowship with other guys and possible mission opportunities.  For more information see James Bingham (jamesbingham62@gmail.com).
  6. Pray for Annual Conference: The NC Annual Conference will convene with clergy and lay delegates from all across the NC Annual Conference in Greenville, NC on June 16-18.  Our pastors (Jen and Tom) will be joined by our lay delegates, Ernie Pearson and James Bingham.  While Sunrise Church is a mission outpost, the NC Annual Conference is the official voice of the United Methodist Church in NC.  Social issues will be discussed and a budget will be adopted that will empower mission and ministry for the ensuing year (2018).
  7. Fireproof to lead worship: Support our young people as they lead the music on Sunday June 11 and supply the message at all worship services on June 17 & 18.  Over the 2 weekends Fireproof will offer to Sunrise the exciting worship and meaningful message they will be delivering while on tour June 12 -16.
  8. Join us for a Welcome Reception for our new pastor, Rev. John Michael McAllister on Sunday July 2 @ 9:30 AM. July 1 & 2 will be his first weekend leading worship at Sunrise and this will be a great time to meet him outside of worship and extend to him the warmest Sunrise welcome possible.
  9. Fireproof Alumni Sunday is August 6! Calling all Fireproof grads, we need you!  Join the alumni band and help lead worship on August 6.  For more information contact Laura Rabon (lrabon@mysunrise.org).
  10. Ladies: Reserve your spot now for our Women’s Beach Retreat on Oak Island this Sept. 22-24.  Learn more about “Intimacy with God” (what it means to be the Bride of Christ and gain greater fullness in a relationship with him).  The cost is $150.00 for the weekend. Please sign up soon as space is limited, and a deposit of $75 is due by June 30.  For more information contact Ann Lawton (alwaton@mysunrise.org).

With whom will you share this message?  Evangelism can be as simple as a forwarded email and an invitation to worship together this weekend!

Peace & Partnership,

Tom Newman, pastor