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Up, Up, And Away!!

Who’s Your Superhero?

Who is your favorite superhero?  I had a lot of fun playing Batman.  When I was about 5 years old, I would race around the coffee table to the Batman theme song before each episode.  I still remember pestering my mother for a cape.  Could Superman

You Belong!

Sunrise Youth!

You belong and that’s great news!!  At Sunrise Church we celebrate how everyone belongs in God’s family.  We have many jobs, different gift sets, we look different and we even have differing points of view.  However, we all

Giving All…

This is Mothers’ Day Weekend and it is a time of mixed emotions.  Some will mourn the loss of our greatest supporter.  Others will spend precious time with the ones we love.  Some will mourn children who’ve outrun us to The Father’s House and some will mourn children they couldn’t have.  We are all united…


Uncle?  It was the word of surrender.  My dad would wrestle with us when I was growing up and when we were pinned down with no way out, “uncle” was the word we had to say.  I didn’t surrender easily, even when pinned down securely by a much larger and much stronger opponent.  While much…

Can’t Touch This?

Sometimes life just falls apart.  Who and what will get you through?  This week we are looking at the resurrection of Jesus as found in John 20:1-18.  In John’s account, we have a solitary woman coming to the tomb with a heavy

The People’s Choice



The People’s Choice:  sometimes it is an award and sometimes it is the outcome of an election.  In any case, it represents the collective will of a gathered group.  At a show, it is always the most coveted and prized award.  What are we choosing with our collective will today?  If the headlines are any indication, it is more violence and division.  For all the changes in culture and technology, people haven’t changed at their core.  It was nearly 2,000 years ago that the people of Israel made an important choice.  Their choice reached further than any election or show.  In Matthew 21:1-11 we find the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on a day we now call Palm Sunday.  Their choice was to focus on Jesus and to praise him with songs, loud shouts of “Hosanna!” and the waving of palm branches.  The city was packed for the Passover Feast and nearly everyone turned out…it was the People’s Choice and they made it big, bold and loud!