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Just One?

Just One?

One:  it is the loneliest number, or so sang Three Dog Night in 1968 (  They must have struck a deep chord or they wouldn’t have had a chart topping song I’m referencing nearly 50 years later!  We often think about “one” being small and weak and not able to effect a great deal. 

Meet You at the Well

Jesus and the woman at the well…

I wish I could be there!  Really!  I am away this weekend but we are expecting a totally awesome and inspiring message at each of our services offered by our Church Council Chairperson, Jay Rabon.  Jay writes:  “It was the longest recorded conversation Jesus had with an individual and it happened with a woman from Samaria!

What’s Holding You Back?

Can or Can’t?

What “can’t” you do?  Chances are that the list of things you can’t do is greater than the list of things you can do.  While there are natural limitations we all face, I know I make my personal list of “can’t” muchbigger than it has to be.  Without being aware of it, I find myself stuck in a rut of thought.  It becomes a tightly confining box that limits my horizons and what I conceive as possible and impossible.  How are you making your list of “can’t” bigger than it has to be?

How Far?

How far have you gone for love?  Bought flowers and chocolates?  Wrote a letter even when writing isn’t your “thing?”  Bought an expensive gift or sacrificed something you really wanted so that your special someone could have what they wanted instead?  True love requires something of us.  It is impossible to love someone and refuse to help them or allow them to be in need.  Love is willing to go the extra mile for the beloved and this reality leads us to the season of Lent. 

Let’s Go

  Mountains!  We are moved by mountains.  We even sing songs about mountain grandeur.  I have always enjoyed visiting the mountains, especially in the summer when it is a perfect escape from the heat of the coastal plain.  I won’t ever forget my first time seeing the mountains as I peered out the back window…