Life Groups

Adult Life Groups–A Place to Grow and be Known

We need each other in order to grow.  That’s why we encourage adults to get involved in Life Groups. Life Groups are small groups who meet regularly in each other’s homes with three goals in mind:

  • to be personally transformed by God’s word and prayer
  • to build authentic, encouraging friendships
  • to reach out to others


We call them Life Groups because Jesus has given us spiritual life.  Our lives are centered on the life-journey of following Jesus, and we want to share each other’s lives along the way.

Our faith is strengthened when we celebrate life’s high points, carry each other’s burdens, and encourage each other as we grow in love and faith. God has designed us to thrive in an encouraging environment where we are valued and accepted as we are. Our groups sustain us as they become a place to grow and be known.

For more information about Life Groups, contact John Michael McAllister at


We talk.  We learn. We laugh.

We discuss the Bible.  We share our lives.

Life groups are communities of believers who usually meet in homes. The goal of each group is to become an accepting place where members help each other grow in love for God and others.

Mon. 6:30pm        *Spiritual Simplicity        Don Mizelle

Thurs. 7pm        *Spiritual Simplicity        Barbara Pearson

Tues, 11:30am        *Spiritual Growth Group    Laura Rabon (at church)

Tues. 7pm         Outdoorsmen Group        Bruce Ash

Wed, 8pm        Men/Old Testament        James Bingham

Mon, 6:30pm        Women/Ruth            Debbie O’Brien

Fri, 9:30-11am        Moms Group            Jenifer Swindell (at church, with childcare)


*These groups meet 2x/month.