Confirmation is open to youth in grades 8 and above.  This is the beginning of the journey for youth to ask questions and look at the major components of their faith as they make a decision for themselves if they wish to join the church.  Pastors Jen and John Michael will lead the kids through these topics and youth will also have other mentors as well as their small group leaders and Sunday school teachers to shepherd them through this time.


Date Topic Details
2/2 – 2/4 Discovery Weekend At Sunrise Church, Kickoff for basics of the faith story
and confirmation journey
2/11 Why Christian? Group Building

Where we start

What other religious options are out there?

Discerning and Deciding

2/18 Why God? Trinity – God, Jesus, Spirit



2/25 Why Jesus? Sin




3/4 Why Methodist?

What’s so amazing about Grace?

UMC history (light)

Grace – Types and Means

3/11 What’s a Sacrament? Communion


UMC Sacraments vs Catholic Sacraments

3/18 Why do we worship?

What’s a “Christian Year”?

Components of Worship

Liturgical Year

Christian Holidays

3/25 I’m Christian, So What? Living a Christian Life

Practices and Holy Habits

4/13 – 4/15 Kaleidoscope retreat Camp Don Lee
Wrap Up / Interviews / Deciding  TBD
Field Trip:  Mosque TBD
Field Trip: Cathedral in Raleigh TBD
4/22 Confirmation Day

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