Building on Faith

What is Building on Faith?

Building on Faith is our current capital campaign through which we are seeking to continue to build out our church facility in order to expand our disciple-making activities at Sunrise! The campaign has the dual goal of retiring debt from our recently completed Phase II construction activities and providing the funding to embark on Phase III of our campus building plan. For more details see the brochure in the Resources section below.


What Can You Do?

We hope you are as excited as  we are about what lies ahead for Sunrise UMC. We are continuing to build our church family, continuing to build disciples and continuing to serve our friends, neighbors and those we’ve yet to meet, all to glorify our risen Lord!! Now we need you to help us meet our goal so we can do even more! What can you do?

  1. Pray for Sunrise and our Building on Faith campaign. You can use the prayer card found in the Resources section below as a handy reminder.
  2. Spread the word about what’s going on at Sunrise and encourage others to join our family and our mission.
  3. Continue to give toward fulfilling your pledge.
  4. If you haven’t had the opportunity to make a pledge to the campaign please consider joining us! You are encouraged to seek the Lord’s guidance to discern what is appropriate for you and your family. Find a pledge card in the Resources section below.

I hope you are inspired to step out in faith and agree to partner with God in a very real way to allow Sunrise to continue to build out our facilities to enable even more kingdom work to emanate from our outpost in Holly Springs. Look for more updates and information in the weeks ahead on this page and in the narthex of the church….stay tuned, exciting things are afoot in our midst.


Building on Faith Giving Update:

As of November 19, we have received $131,652 in contributions to the Building on Faith campaign….that is awesome!! Be sure to check out the poster in the narthex, too!!


Building on Faith Resources

Building on Faith – Brochure

Building on Faith Prayer Card 2UP

BOF Pledge Card